Health & Beauty Products

Beauty and cosmetic products have become more scrutinized for safe ingredients  as they are in direct contact with skin. Legislations have become stricter due to product recalls and consumer complaints. Eurofins | MTS offers a wide variety of cosmetic and beauty product testing from micro-biology analysis to toxicological risk assessments to assure the products are free from toxic chemicals and able to satisfy domestic and international requirement standards.
Competences of Eurofins | MTS :

  • US and EU Recognized Toxicologist – Dr. Jongsei Park
  • US CPSC – Recommended Toxicologist
  • ERT – European Registered Toxicologist
  • EU Responsible Person – Obelis’ Safety Assessor

Our services cover:

  • Full microbiological testing capability (USP/BP)
  • Label & Ingredient Review
  • REACH Chemical testing per Annex XVII
  • EN71-1, 2, 3 & 9 for children cosmetic
  • Screening service for REACH SVHC
  • Heavy metal in cosmetic
  • Cosmetic Product (Safety) Review

Health & Beauty Products

Microbiological Testing