ZDHC recognizes MTS as an indicator of Level 1 MRSL Conformance

21 November 2019

We are proud to announce that MTS is now recognized and accepted by ZDHC foundation as MSRL Level 1 certifier. MTS is committed to supporting the textile, apparel, and footwear industry to advance towards zero discharge of hazardous chemicals through innovative and robust chemical management across the supply chain.

MTS is now accepted by ZDHC Foundation as an indicator of level 1 ZDHC MRSL Conformance in connection with the ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module. MTS laboratories that are eligible to certify Level 1 Conformance against ZDHC’s MRSL are MTS Hong Kong, Dongguan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Shanghai, and the US laboratories. All MRSL analysis and chemical formulations tested by MTS conforming to ZDHC MRSL are recognized as Level 1 chemicals.

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