Green Product Assurance (GPA) Program

GPA BAnner

GPA  Program - Total Solution

MTS Green Product Assurance Program is a proactive solution that ensures all manufacturing stages are FREE of Hazardous Substances and greatly assists with continuous compliance to global regulations through our innovative testing method known as Smart Chemical Compliance Testing (SCCT) and Factory Chemical Management Assessment (FCMA), a comprehensive audit system developed by MTS. 

SCCT and FCMA for chemicals and products can be implemented separately. However, the use of our GPA program (SCCT + FCMA) gives you and your consumers the full confidence in your products that it is free from the use of hazardous chemicals in different stages of the manufacturing process - from the extraction of natural resources to the treatment of the finished product.

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Products and production facilities that have passed extensive testing and auditing for hazardous substances under the MTS CL600 protocol will obtain the MTS GPA certification and its mark, which ensure the quality and safety of your product and brand providing comfort and confidence to your consumers. 

 GPA certificate and Seal Mark         

(Easy Identification, Clear description of the certified product, QR Code to link to product information with HD photo)         
The certification ID number and QR code direct your consumers to MTS online platform to give specific information of products, manufacturer, high-definition product photo, and validity of the GPA mark. 

GPA Online Platform -

MTS CL600 protocol covers the following chemical list items: 
- EU REACH Annex XVII and Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) 
- Washington State Chemicals of High Concern (CHCC)
- Maine State Chemicals of High Concern (CHC)
- Oregon State High Priority Chemicals of Concern for Children's Health (HPCCCH)
- California Proposition 65 
- Other Chemical Lists

GPA Certification Program Process

GPA Certification Program Process

Key Elements of GPA Program (SCCT + FCMA)

SCCT: Using SCCT, an innovative testing method developed by MTS, we evaluate hazardous substances according to MTS CL600 for global chemical compliance. SCCT for chemicals and products provides a faster and more cost-effective solution for volatile composites than the standard RSL test method for total content. In one single analysis, SCCT offers the ability to identify most of the hazardous substances that are banned by the major corporations in the consumer product industry. By identifying hazardous chemical at initial stages, this advanced technology allows you to reduce the overall production cost and shorten the turnaround time due to rejection. 

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FCMA: MTS has developed a Factory Chemical Management Assessment (FCMA) to identify opportunities for improvement in factory chemical management process. By strengthening chemical management processes, factories can optimize their chemical management system to ensure continuous improvement and compliance towards the 2020 goal of ZDHC.